Myth: If you don’t wash your hair for some time it will clean itself.

May 23rd 2017 by Tony Maleedy.

No it won’t. What actually happens is that people who don’t wash their hair for a while simply get used to it being in that particular state. It becomes the norm for them. It is simply not possible for hair to somehow clean itself.

The science bit:

If hair is not washed regularly sebum, natural skin oil, will spread along the hair shaft and coat the hair to which dust and dead skin cells adhere making the hair dirty. After a short time, this oil will oxidize, turn rancid and start to smell. Some people say “Well, people managed before shampoos existed”, true, but the standard of hygiene was very different then. People did not only, not wash their hair; they bathed infrequently, didn’t use deodorants, didn’t wash their clothes frequently and walked amongst horse dropping and human waste poured onto the streets. The past smelt differently to the present!

For the sake of your hair and scalp (and possibly your social life) it is best to treat them like any other part of your body and wash regularly with a good quality shampoo.

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