Myth: Pulling out one grey hair will make two grow in its place. 

May 23rd 2017 by Tony Maleedy.

Not at all. But if hair is starting to turn grey (it’s actually white, there‘s no such thing as a grey hair, the greyness is the effect of white hair interspersed with normal, darker coloured hair) and you pull one grey hair out, it may well be that the neighbour hair is just about to start growing, therefore two hairs in close proximity will appear at about the same time.

The science bit:

You should never pull out a scalp hair because not only will an additional hair not grow, the hair you pulled out may not be replaced by another hair – particularly if the hair has been epilated a few times. There is a disorder called ‘Traction Alopecia’ which is hair loss caused by pulling. This is commonly seen when women have worn their hair in braids or cornrows for some time, or when hair is pulled and tied back very tightly, a hair style worn by many ballet dancers. This pressure on the soft tissues within the hair follicle causes scar tissue to form, the hair to be forced out and the prevention of new hair growth from the damaged follicle.

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