Juniper Shampoo Testimonials

Tony Maleedy’s Juniper Therapy Shampoo has helped to treat thousands of scalps across the UK and further afield internationally. Used and recommended by both professional clinicians, who use the product to treat their own patients, and individual consumers for at-home use, below is just a section of the fabulous feedback we’ve had so far.

“Excellent results when treating mild dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis”

I have used Juniper Mint Scalp Therapy Shampoo formulated by Tony Maleedy for approximately three years with many patients suffering from scalp diseases and associated hair loss.

Previously, many patients could not find any shampoo that effectively managed their scalp scaling and irritation. These patients with varying degrees of severity, also felt that many shampoos they had tried previously, had the capacity to worsen their scalp problems as a result of being too harsh and dehydrating.

Other shampoos traditionally used contained coal tar which although quite effective was strong smelling and as a consequence, unacceptable.

I have been recommending and dispensing the Juniper Mint shampoo and have had excellent results when treating mild dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.

Consequently, the feedback from patients is extremely positive as they are delighted to have an appropriate treatment shampoo that is also very pleasant to use.

Christine Jones MIT
Consultant Trichologist/ Director Belgrave Medical Centre, 

“My ‘go to’ shampoo for my patients to use at home”

As a Trichologist the products I use on my patients are custom formulated to treat their specific hair and scalp disorders. However I found that once some chronic scaling/flaky scalp conditions cleared up or significantly improved, some patients still struggled to maintain a healthy scalp. Because they disliked the consistency and smell of the medicated shampoo I needed them to use at home as part of their ongoing routine, they were not shampooing as frequently or effectively as they needed to. This changed 4 years ago with Juniper Scalp Therapy Shampoo.

 I intially gave out some samples to a cross section of patients with various hair & scalp disorders – all of them loved it (and all are still using it now) and I began seeing noticeable improvements on the scalp within a couple of weeks. Not only does this shampoo contain properties that slow and reduce scaling, soothe the scalp and support healthier growth, it also feels and smells great making it very user-friendly. It has become my ‘go to’ shampoo for my patients to use at home to maintain a healthy scalp and its the one I use with hair loss patients to complement our hair loss treatments. I am happy to both use and recommend this shampoo for my patients and to anyone looking for an effective shampoo for good scalp and hair maintenance.

Samples of the Juniper conditioner have also been a huge hit with patients so glad to hear it will also soon be available…eagerly awaiting delivery!

Jacqueline Martin MIT
Martin Hair & Scalp Clinic / Northants Trichological Clinic.

“Nothing else seems to work”

I have been using Tony’s Juniper Tar shampoo personally for a number of years now and find this relieving for a sensitive scalp but also conditioning on my longer hair which usual scalp shampoos do not offer. I don’t use anything else even when my scalp is having a good day as it such a good all round shampoo. I also recommend this shampoo in my trichology clinic which proves very popular for many different reasons; whether it be for stimulating hair loss, scalp disorders or for those itchy scalps that nothing else seems to work! Great product Tony,

Lisa Gilbey MIT, The Northants Hair & Scalp Clinic.

“Using this method works well for my patients”

Many of my patients who suffer from persistent dry scaling conditions use the Juniper Mint shampoo as part of their treatment / management regime and thereafter. It is a good cleansing refreshing shampoo popular with both male and females. It helps sooth irritation with its anti-microbial SLS formula and has the additional benefit of the Piroctone Olamine to help reduce hair loss. For those with chemically treated hair I suggest they wet their hair & apply some conditioner to their mid length and ends first before emulsifying the shampoo in their hands & applying it in small quantities throughout the scalp. It has a rich copious lather so a little goes along way. Using this method works well for my patients.

Trichologist – Laura Berry MIT, The Hair & Scalp Clinic, Newry, Northern Ireland.

“The results are excellent from the first use”

We have been using the Juniper Mint shampoo as part of our clinical treatments for several years. The shampoo is a fantastic, easy to use and effective treatment for a wide range of scalp complaints ranging from mild dandruff to scalp psoriasis. The results are excellent from the first use. I always recommend the shampoo to our patients for home use – as it is can be used daily to maintain a really healthy scalp!

Giovanni De Lellis MIT
Ipswich Trichology Hair & Scalp Clinic


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